Message from President

Our company, First Design System Inc., has been providing design, product and services which can satisfy our customers as much as possible. Regarding “”Manufacturing”” as our company origin, we have been particular over how to be the best by gathering all staffs’ contemplations.

As a synergism of gathering strong business areas of FDS, lighting design, product development and service & support task into one package, we have been proposing an advanced solution to meet customer’s needs.

Lighting design skills matching with space and interior design, product skills from development to manufacturing of having better quality and rich features, technical support skills developped in lighting direction fields such as theme parks, technical maintenance skills brushed up by IT area experience, all skills are concerned to hear and realize customers’ voice. Being in the world changing at the speed outperforming people’s expectation, and under an idea of FDS is one of companies introducing better products towards future by a new techonology, we have been focusing on an improvement of development skills as well as craftsmanship to realize the idea.

FDS will continue our efforts for being a reliable company and even better, involving all staffs strength.
Wish to be your best parter.

First Design System Inc.

President Shoji Konno