Water Purifier



dimensions W970mm×D760mm×H757mm(incl. tires)
dry weight 77kg
water source※1 river, lake, pond, rain, well, swimming pool, reserve tank, sea
purify rate※2
fresh water: 267 litters per hour / 2,136 people per day
sea water: 107 litters per hour / 856 people per day
water qualilty monitor
temperature compensated water quality sensor
high luminance LED bar graph display
water monitor for drinking water (batteryless)
purify functions
pre-filter(10 micron) x 2
membrane (reverse osmosis) filter x 3
antibacterial mineral filter
sterlization method automatical injection of sodium hypochlorite with variable injection rate
water pump horizontal triple superflow pump
maximum water pressure 7.0MPa
engine type air-cooling 4 cycle tilted single cylinder OHC gasoline engine
gasoline type unleaded gasoline for automobile
gasoline tank capacity 16.6 liters
continuous operation time approximately 20.5 hours
engine protection oil sensor for burn-out protection

note 1: Do not use water source including grease or oil
note 2: At water temperature of 25 degrees centigrade.
note 3: Operation time and amount of purified water may vary by water temperature, operating water pressure, condition of water source, etc.
Specification, design, etc. are subject to change without notice for reasons including product improvement.
Actual color of product may look different.